Informative instruction video about the only program online at which you can play together with several people simultanesously. Skype, Zoom, Facetime and Whatsappvideo can’t get this done. This is due to too much latency (the time necessary to forward all digital information). Surely with a Wi-Fi connection there will be too much delay and makes playing together impossible. With a reasonable interface (external sound card), a rj45 ethernet cable and an external microphone playing together at JamKazam can be experienced as pleasant and helpful. Certainly worth a try!

On the website https://www.trompetnet.nl/online-trumpet-lessons-welcome and in particular on
https://www.trompetnet.nl/online-trumpet-lessons-photos-and… has been written which necessary gear you will need and experiences described at the JamKazam platform with several updates.

For interested trumpet students trumpet teacher Theo Hartman will teach also on this digital platform. During the holiday period he will be available for inspired trumpet lessons. Lessons on cornet and flugelhorn are as well possible.

This video shows and explains the most common features you’ll need to understand and use when playing in JamKazam sessions with other musicians – including how to set your audio input levels, how to customize your personal mix to hear everyone as you prefer, and how to see and understand sessions diagnostics that can help you troubleshoot issues in your sessions.

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