On which instruments you can get lessons?
At ‘’ I teach trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and trombone. Weekly lessons with a fixed time are possible or otherwise by appointment. Brass instruments are used in many orchestras or bands. As soloist it can be real fun to perform in church together with organ.


Thomann TR-200

A trumpet is a brass wind instrument noted for its powerful and piercing sound mostly tuned in b-flat. It can be used in either a classical orchestra or in a jazz- or salsaband.

JP051 trumpet





How much does a trumpet cost?
Beginner trumpets frequently range in cost from €100 to €600. John Packer has a budget starter trumpet with fairly good valves around €175
The Thomann TR-200 is a reasonable and nice sounding trumpet for €150.
There are even cheaper options but problematic valves might occur. Starters usually buy a B-flat trumpet which has the most free blow. Both JP-051 and Thomann TR-200 I can recommend. In case budgets are wider I could recommend a Carol Brass trumpet. Myself I play a CarolBrass 5000 satin lacquer B-flat trumpet which I am very fond of in terms of sound and with excellent operating valves.

CarolBrass 5000L-YST-Bb-L trumpet

The sound of this CarolBrass trumpet can be heard in the following video where I play a song with cd-accompaniment which can be played after about 4 months of lessons.

Intermediate trumpets start around €800 to €2.000 and performers trumpets even up to €5.000. Popular professional brands are Vincent Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, Kanstul, Schagerl, Adams and Van Laar. Sometimes nice used trumpets can be found online or in a shop for reasonable prices. I will be happy to advise in these matters.

Startone PTR-20 Blue

The past decade plastic trumpets were developed for small children. These trumpets are very lightweight and do play quite easy. Although a brass trumpet on the long run might be a better choice Thomann f.i. sells a really budget plastic Startone trumpet for around €85 which is pretty cool.







Startone PCR-20 Blue

A cornet is a brass instrument that looks like a smaller, wider trumpet. The cornet used to be a common feature of jazz band, until it was replaced by the trumpet. The sound of a cornet usually is a bit more mellow than the sound of a trumpet and also mostly tuned in b-flat. During previous centuries the cornet was a real solistic instrument and its fun to play pieces by the famous Jean Baptiste Arban or Herbert L. Clarke.

CarolBrass CCR-3880-GSS-Bb-SLB cornet

In terms of prices cornets are similar like trumpets. Brands for starters I could recommend are Yamaha and CarolBrass. Myself I play a CarolBrass 3880 model with a very smooth sound and fast operating silent valves. The Startone B-flat plastic cornet might be a fun choice priced at €129

Startone PFG-20 Blue

A flugelhorn is a brass instrument that looks like a bigger trumpet and has wider tubes. The sound of a b-flat tuned flugelhorn is nice warm and smooth. In military orchestras flugelhorns used to have a melodic function but nowadays in jazz music a flugelhorn gives a more tender sound. In terms of prices flugelhorns are similar like trumpets and cornets but its harder to get a good budget flugelhorn. The Startone plastic flugelhorn might be a fun choice to try at a price around €150. For a more durable instrument I would advise to look for a CarolBrass flugelhorn which is newly priced in the intermediate category around €1.200 Other popular professional brands are Van Laar, Adams, Kanstul, Getzen, XO and Yamaha. With some luck a used one might be found. Myself I play a CarolBrass flugelhorn 6200 satin lacquer which I am enjoying for a couple of years now.

CarolBrass CFL-6200-GSS-SLB flugelhorn




A trombone is a brass instrument consisting of a long cylindrical metal tube with two turns and having a movable slide or valves for varying the tone and a usual range one octave lower than that of the trumpet. Nowadays a slide trombone is the most popular. In terms of prices trombones are similar like trumpets. A good starter trombone is the JP031 for around €200. The JP230 for €550 is a more intermediate level. CarolBrass also has budget trombones starting from €549. Popular professional brands are Vincent Bach, Yamaha, King, Michael Rath and Conn. For young children a plastic trombone could be a good starting point. Lightweight and budget for around €120 I could recommend a pBone.


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