For whom? And what to expect from my lessons?

From the age of 8 years old children can start learning a brass instrument when they have changed their front teeth. Depending from which country a student will apply for lessons we will search for a nice and proper start book like “Easy Steps”, “Look, Listen and Learn” or “Tune Up”. All of these books have nice short melodies with cd-accompaniment.


Musical notation will be taught in a relaxed manner and also playing by ear will be an important aspect of a lesson. In time students can choose their own musical styles and repertoire from classical pieces towards pop or jazz standards. Musical development will depend on effort and motivation on the part of each individual student. The teacher will approach each student both in a professional and relaxed manner. Music has to be a fun issue!

The following videos show a few possibilities both in classical and jazzy style which can be achieved after about one year of trumpet practice.


More advanced students can choose their own repertoire and of course the teacher will give nice recommendations. Targets will be set to learn and grow to become a mature musician. For diligent and talented students additional material like music theory and solfege (aural training) can be offered.

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