Teaching methods and rates

Teaching methods
At ‘Trompetnet.nl Online’ a lot is possible, from shorter (weekly) individual sessions to longer ones(30-45-60 minutes). Weekly lessons will be scheduled in a fixed time and for other less frequent lessons will be scheduled by appointment. In the menu (see: https://www.trompetnet.nl/online-trumpet-lessons-biography/) you can read my qualifications and experience as trumpetteacher. In The Netherlands I have a valid ‘Statement of Conduct’ from the Dutch government. I can offer trumpet lessons in different languages like English, German and Hebrew.

Online lessons can be given with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, JamKazam, Jamulus or Facetime. I will be happy to advise which platform will fit you the best and can be optimized in order to come to pleasant and successful online lessons.

Rates depend on duration and frequency of lessons. This can be discussed by e-mail or telephone. For contact details go to http://www.trompetnet.nl/contact-2
A single lesson has to be paid for in advance by either PayPal or banktransfer in name of Trompetnet.nl

During a single lesson for a starter special attention will be given to ‘how do I play my first tone’ and ‘how is my trumpet attitude and breathing’. In a short time 3 to 4 different tones will be learned and simple songs can be played. For more advanced students special attention will be towards ‘Technique’ and ‘Style sense’. If chosen for a continuous course close attention will be on ‘breathing technique’, ‘attitude’, ‘embouchure’, ‘nice sound’, technique and endurance’, ‘musical notation’, ‘style sense and repertoire choice’.

For a continuous course students are requested to transfer the course fee before the first lesson of each month. An agreement will be signed by both parties through a Contract Form. A notice period of one month will be applied.

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