Sonatine – Gilles Herbillon (vervolg)

Sonatine voor trompetsolo gecomponeerd door de Franse componist Gilles Herbillon is een waar huzarenstuk voor trompettisten. De solosuite bestaat uit vier delen getiteld: I: Complainte II: Emoi III: Espiègle IV: Toccata. Deel II: Emoi en deel 3: Espiègle zijn hier te beluisteren. Veel luisterplezier! Bij de YouTube toelichting staat de volgende informatieve Engelse tekst over deze delen. Deel IV: Toccata wordt ook spoedig op YouTube geplaatst. Stay tuned!

Sonatine for trumpetsolo by French composer Gilles Herbillon consists of four movements. The parts are titled: I: Complainte II: Emoi III: Espiègle IV: Toccata. Dutch trumpeter Theo Hartman performing here the second and third movement which goes attacca. The second movement titled ‘Emoi’ which means agitation or turmoil starts with a jumpy melody with a lot of rhythmical changes leading to a gigantic climax. The dramatic slow ending goes attacca into the third movement ‘Espiègle’. This is a playful movement with a jazzy “à la Count Basie” style melody. After this a rhythmical pattern follows ending in a repeat of the main theme of the first movement ‘Complainte’. This first movement has also been recorded by Theo Hartman and can be found on YouTube. Sonatine as a trumpet suite is a very demanding and challenging concertpiece which deserves all possible attention. There are two separate scores for b-flat trumpet and c-trumpet. For sound purposes the choice has been made to use a b-flat trumpet. This performance has been recorded at Studio Sophia in The Hague in The Netherlands on 1-4-2019. The audio has been recorded with a ZoomQ8 camera and SSH-6 microphone. More information about the performer and his ensembles can be found on

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