Triple Berry Trio (english version)

Triple Berry Trio has been named and inspired by the very nice composition ‘Jazzberries’ by the American composer William Schmidt in 1982. Schmidt is known for his vast contribution for many mixed ensembles. In ‘Jazzberries’ Schmidt has created a lot of contrasts in his fourpart composition for trumpet, cello and piano with amongst others a sensitive blues and a funny boogie woogie. Further repertoire consists of extensive trios by the American contemporary composers Eric Ewazen and Carson Cooman. Triple Berry Trio has certainly the intention to inspire more composers to extend the repertoire for this unique combination of instruments. Dmitry Arefiev from the Ukraine has donated his ‘Overture’ and Dutch composer Oene van Geel  has also offered his beautiful piece ‘The River’ for performances. During concerts a divers programm wil be presented including original compositions for both solo and duo in a variety of settings. Triple Berry Trio: ‘original, surprising and challenging!’.

Triple Berry 18
Triple Berry Trio musicians from the left to the right:
Trumpeter Theo Hartman, cellist Ephraim van IJzerlooij and pianist Armin Segger
Photography: Lisette Niks

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